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Mr. Goodpainter specializes in commerical and residential, interior and exterior painting. Our services include: reconstruction and remodeling, make ready and insurance buildbacks, new drywall and drywall repairs, new batt or blown insulation, interior trim molding, wood repairs and siding, powerwashing for mildew and mold removal, and repair and installation of new wood fences. We are dependable, hard workers that get the job done to your satisfaction. Call Juan for your free estimate.

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As a trade painters apply paint to woodwork, walls, etc. Cave paintings, although primitive, are the earliest form of mural decoration known today. While the purpose of these decorations can only be speculated upon, most theories assert a degree of skill involved in their creation, a skill which is carried through in the trade of the house painter. Historically, the painter and decorator was responsible for the mixing of the paint; keeping a ready supply of pigments, oils, thinners, driers and sundries. The painter would use his experience to determine a suitable mixture dependent upon the nature of the job. Today a painter and decorator is a tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings, and is also known as a decorator or house painter.
At Southern Painting, our goal is to satisfy all your needs and offer a variety of residential and commercial services. We use only premium paints and supplies, like Sherwin Williams, in order to assure success and a quality painting experience. If you wish, we can also offer the services of a color consultant to help you match colors and work with you to apply samples. At the end of the job, we will also help you record your product and color choices for future reference.

6 Tips for Painting Your House from Check A Pro / Katy Pros -

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home makes your house look better and paint makes it durable. Here are some simple painting tips to get a smooth, even look.

1 .
There are just a few home improvement projects more important than painting your house because paint and caulk are the first line of defense against the elements including rain, wind, snow and ice. On top of that a good paint job will increase value of your home through curb appeal.

Proper paint maintenance is critical in terms of keeping your home in proper shape. Begin to repair and repaint as soon as you see your paint begin to crack, blister, and peel up. Ignoring these issues will lead to a much larger and costly repair.
2. Painting Options to Consider

There are 2 types of paint. There is common water based latex paint and oil based paint. Latex paint cleans with some water, dries quickly, has little smell, it also stays flexible longer so it's less likely to blister and crack.
Oil based paints require mineral spirits /paint thinner for cleanup versus just soap and water. There are many professional painters prefer oil paint because it's durable, stain resistant, flows very smoothly, and dries with fewer brush marks. But this type of paint has a strong odor and dries extremely slowly.

The paint you choose is should be based on the job you are tackling. Just keep in mind that if you're applying latex paint over an existing oil based paint, you must first prime the surface to ensure the new topcoat will adhere to the old oil based paint.

3. What Paint to Choose?
There is not a specific procedure for choosing the right paint for your house. Most paint companies offer a wide variety of paint ranging from good to better to best. As a rule you should budget how much you want to spend on the project and then buy the best paint you can reasonably afford, because expense is an excellent indication of quality. Expensive paints contain more pigments than cheap paints, so they produce a thicker, longer-lasting, more protective coating.

3. Always Read the Label

Not many homeowners bother reading the small print on the paint label, but they should. There's a lot of information printed right on the can that can help you produce a beautiful paint job. Pay particular attention to the instructions about preparing the surface and outdoor air temperature. Most paints shouldn't be applied when the temperature is 50 degrees F or colder. But some paints are specially formulated for application when the temperature is as low as 35. Just take the time to read the label before you start painting and before the label becomes smeared with paint and impossible to read.

4. Prepare the Surface to be Painted -

For the new paint to adhere to the surface, you must pressure wash the homes exterior of all debris, grime, mold, and chalky residue. A power washer provides the best way to achieve this, but hand scrubbing with a stiff brush is just as effective and often doesn't take much longer because it requires little time.

Use a hammer to set all nails below the surface of the exterior and then fill the holes with wood putty. Once the filler is fully set, sand it for a smooth finish. If you're applying new caulk around windows, doors and trim be sure to use a paintable caulk product.

You can paint directly over the old painted surface as long as it's in good condition. Be sure to scrape and sand any spots where the old paint has blistered or flaked off. And you must prime any bare wood before you paint it.

4 What is the Best Paint Applicator?

Using a paint sprayer is the fastest and most efficient way to apply your paint. You can also use a paint brush or paint roller. Brush paint onto narrow surfaces, edges, and smaller areas, and use a short, small-diameter roller to paint large and long surfaces such as siding and trim.

5 Paint From the Top

Start painting near the top of the house and work your way down. Paint to the butt or bottom edge of the siding first, then paint the broad surfaces. To avoid lap marks, always try to brush from one wet surface onto another wet surface. When that's not possible and you must paint onto a previously painted and dried surface, overlap onto the dried-paint surface by several inches.
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