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I have always liked electronics. From the time that I was a child I have played with electronics. All through high school I experimented with HiFi gear using guitar amplifiers to to build my first sound system which I used this on my first DJ job in 1971. I studied electronics in the U.S. Air Force in 1972 and got my first job selling stereo components in 1975.

Since then I have continued on learning from some of the best in the business. While Hi-Fi is my first love, I have a second love...and that is widescreen projection systems. Whether it is movies or sports it better on the big screen.

Since designing my first home Theater system in 1979 I have had great fun doing this and have been blessed by God to be able to do it for a living. I started this company in 1994 because I realized that most companies are only interested in getting the big check and no longer cared enough about quality customer service after the sale.

I wanted to offer service to a client that was a cut above all the rest. I wanted to treat people that way I wished to be treated and the only way to make that happen was to start my own company. I nearly starved that first year. The second year I barely made it. But now 20 years later we are still here with a dedicated staff whose only goal is to make you smile.

For 20 years We are Houstons best choice for High Quality Home Electronics Systems.

AT AV Expert Our philosophy is simple.

#1 If you have more than one remote control it is a bad design.

#2 If you have to press more than two buttons, it is too difficult.

#3 If it takes longer than 5 minutes to learn how to use it, then it is a bad design.

We have the most highly educated and certified staff in South Texas, Hence the name Audio Video Experts. Why just buy electronics and hope they work, when you can have a system designed to do what you want it to. Get more performance for your hard earned dollar, by letting our certified pros help you. We want to be your lifelong friends in the electronic business.

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"We won a certificate for Doc's services, which was coincidental, we purchased a TV for our office just a couple days prior and actually needed someone to get it hung and set up. Doc showed up in a dress shirt and my assistant was shocked that we was dressed so professional. Doc has such a great attitude and he literally services you with a SMILE! (I think he literally smiled the entire time) He was knowledgeable on how to set up the TV features and logged us into all the accounts. By the time he left, we were ready to go! Doc thank you for your services, we will definitely send you referrals."

-Zelena B.

"We are very impressed with Doc Green of A.V. Gurus. We were having issues with our Amp and he was able to come out, diagnose the issue and fix it."

-Leonard W.

"I needed someone knowledgeable about home theater & wireless access for streaming. I learned about Audio and Video Guru Doc Greene from the Katy Pro website. He was able to come out to my home the same day I called to make an appointment! He installed a streaming device which had to be located in a the difficult-to-access back of my AV amp. He had it installed quickly, and running perfectly in short order. When I need help with these or similar components in the future, I will ask D oc to do it! My wife and I were both very pleased, as the system has worked flawlessly since. Doc gave us great service for a very fair price. Highly recommended! "

-Roger G.

"I am entirely impressed with Doc Green of A.V. Gurus. I called in the early afternoon the day after Thanksgiving. I was having issue getting my home theater system to recognize the sound of my TV and the related apps. Doc quickly made the necessary adjustments to re-direct sound the system. He also adjusted the sound & visual settings. He made some great suggestions for future improvements. I will definitely be calling him to install the Optical Cable and new HDMI cord."

-Joe R.

"Very happy with my new flat screen TV installation. Prompt and professional. I would use his service again and recommend him to my friends."

-Merle L.

"Doc is the BEST! He's helped me out with my system several times and will come at night or on the weekend if necessary. He's an expert in his field and is always quick to find a solution. No matter how simple or complicated your system is, Doc is the man that can get it going again for you."

-Robert D.

"Doc Greene came by twice and made sure my new tv was set up and I had the latest and best equipment available. Great picture . I highly recommend AV Experts."

-Randy B.

"Met Doc Greene about 18 years ago when he bailed my A-- out of a fiasco created by another Contractor and have been using off and on since then. I have found him to be reliable, accommodating, efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant, considerate and NEAT. Yesterday he converted a mesh of horrible looking wires and broken shelf into " almost a work of art." Unbelievable. Would send a photo if I could include an attachment. I can recommend him to anyone without reservations. "

-George A.

"Doc Greene did audio/visual work for me. He did complex work with knowledge, the right tools, and with skill. He also did it for a reasonable price. I highly recommend retaining Doc for your A/V needs."

-Tom G.

"Installed new audio equipment and set it up. Did a good job."

-John A.

"I have had another great experience using AV Expert - Doc Greene. He and his team are very professional and work to get great pricing and solutions to my Audio Visual setup and needs. Great Job!"

-Brenda E.

"I have been dumped on by Direct TV twice and have been without TV for a week. I contacted Doc late last night and he was here by 10:30 am. Doc had me up and running by 11:30 and spent at least an hour helping me set up Amazon TV and YouTube. What a great experience!!! Thanks Doc!!"

- Mike M.

"My home was old and did not have the technology I needed. With Doc's Help I was able to wire up my home for any situation I needed and have a nice projector and sound system to enjoy it on. Thanks Doc."

- Graham S.

"Doc is the BEST! He is competent, reliable and fair. And ... he really knows his stuff. I am an electrical engineer and I know a lot about electronics. Doc is my go-to guy. He is the best I have ever seen. Highly recommended!"

- James M.

"Doc was able to sort my jumbled mess of remotes and other paraphernalia into a more efficient system. I will keep him on speed dial! Thank you!"

- Sandi G.

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